Reasons why you should get insured under Medicare Supplement plans

Medicare or Medigap supplement plans are able to give you a wide choice of health coverage needs. By choosing the Medicare supplement plans you can get insurance coverage under the qualifying Part A and Part B. This covers the specifics such as doctor visits, hospitals, and certain preventive services such as vaccinations and screening. Also, other services such as medical equipment come under this section.

There may be deductions associated with Part A of the program such inpatient coinsurance and copayments. Part B of Medicare also includes the same – coinsurance, copayments, annual deductions, and a monthly premium. Medicare Supplement plans enable you to lower insurance costs. It is known as MedSupp and Medigap that allows you pay for some portions of the Part A deductible. Understanding Medicare Supplement plans is very important as you can lower your costs associated with the health insurance scheme.

KnOwing Medicare Supplement Plans

Top benefits of the program for seniors

Part/full medical bill covered

If you purchase Medicare-coverage regularly, you will still have to bear the 20 percent of the total bill cost as the program is not responsible for paying that amount. For Medicare to be able to share your pay, you will have to meet a yearly deductible cost before the program starts to cover the same. However, the amount varies each year. But, at least you will be funded partly for the medical cost for that extra 20 percent that you have to pay directly. Note that some Medicare supplemental plans cover the entire amount as well.

Acceptance during Open Enrollment Period

No matter when you want to opt for Medicare, the health insurance service cannot decline your membership even if there are existing health problems. They will not charge you in excess during the six-month period when you become 65 and are eligible to apply for the Open Enrollment plan. However, if you wish to purchase Medicare policies after that period, the insurer may refuse to sell you one or you will have to pay more to avail the benefit. For other company insurance holders, if you’re opting out of your previous provider, you will have guaranteed member coverage under the Medicare Supplemental plans even when buying after the Open Enrollment Period.

Assured renewable policies

If you are making premium payments, insurance companies will not be able to cancel your plan and is guaranteed to renew all standard Medical Supplement policies.

Outside U.S coverage

Some Medicare coverage plans offer support to policy holders who may have suddenly fell sick or met with an accident when travelling outside of the country. There are plans that will ensure you get covered for such incidents.

Number of plans to choose

There are 10 Medicare policies that offer a wide range of coverage to make sure that you can fund your plans. Medicare offers such policies at a higher premium amount per month, but is also generally also true as you can get the maximum coverage as well.

Choice of doctors that accept Medicare

A number of doctors and hospitals are associated with the Medicare network such that you will be able to get coverage under most service providers. Only those policy holders under the Medicare Select supplement plan can avail coverage benefits from the specific hospitals in its network only. Get a quote at