Mutual of Omaha Medicare offer affordable carriers and assured benefits

New to Medicare and planning to sign up for Mutual of Omaha Medicare or you already have the Original Medicare? Now, instead of getting confused and calling each carrier, you can find online there are many affordable plans available in your area and with insurance recognized carriers. There is no compulsion to sign up and it is your choice to decide.

Selecting the Medical coverage is a simple process, but regrettably in most cases it becomes complex. Mutual of Omaha Medicare has maintained a simple process of filling out forms on this page and there will be a rate comparison from affordable carriers available in your area. Again, you are under no obligation or compulsion to sign up.

Mutual of Omaha is in the insurance sales industry for more than 100 years and has no retiring plans. Its policies exceed a surplus of$3 billion. This company has highly skilled and dedicated team members working all over the U.S. They offer excellent customer service and maintain A+ rating.  Mutual of Omaha Medicare plans are available in most states, especially the Medicare supplement plans. However, all policies include benefits:

  • Free look period for 30 days
  • Renewable guaranteed
  • No application fee
  • Rapid policy issue
  • Household discount up to 12%
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Temporary-ID cards electronic delivery

Mutual of Omaha Medicare includes 6 subsidiaries and they are United World Life Company, United of Omaha-Life Insurance Company, Mutual of Omaha-Investor Services, Companion Life-Insurance Company, Omaha Financial Holdings and Omaha Insurance Company- Medicare Supplement.

Coverage Benefits

The Supplement coverage of Mutual of Omaha Medicare is an additional health insurance offered. You may buy these policies from private companies and pay for the healthcare costs that are left uncovered by the original Medicare.  These are the amounts that include deductibles, co-payments and outside healthcare for people traveling outside the U.S. Of course, such policies are only for short term and do not offer cover for vision, dental, eye, hearing or private forms of care. Also, most plans do not offer cover for the prescription drugs. In case, you wish to get a cover, you must pay a monthly premium and get it purchased by people who already have Part A and B Original Medicare. Similarly, people with an Advantage plan are not permitted to buy a Medicare Supplement Plans 2018. The premiums definitely vary with each insurance company, though the plans benefits are the same.