Eligibility criteria for Medicare advantage plan

Medicare provides health insurance provides medical insurance coverage to senior citizens and disabled people. But it does not cover all the expenses that might come along the way. Such expenses have to be paid by one and it might come to a big amount and create a bigger problem to pay these. It is always advisable to have insurance to cover even these expenses so that the medical expenses are covered overall. Medicare advantage plans are insurance plans that take care of those extra expenses left out by the original Medicare policies.

Eligibility for Medicare advantage plans can be determined by visiting https://www.medicareadvantageplans2019.org

  1. Subscription of Medicare Portion A and Portion B:

Part A covers the hospital expenses such as the inpatient hospital stays, nursing care facility and so on. While Part B covers the expenses related to physician visits, outpatient medical expenses, and certain medical equipment and so on. To become eligible for Medigap plans, a subscription of the above mentioned Medicare Portion A and Portion B is necessary. A person without the subscription is not eligible for the Medigap plans.

  1. Medicare Advantage plan and advantageplans are mutually exclusive:

A subscription to Medicare advantage plan makes the person ineligible for Medigap plans. These both plans do not work together. However, Plans can always be changed if the other is preferred. It is illegal for any insurance company to sell both the policies to the same person unless the intent is to switch from one plan to another. Medigap policy can be applied to while Medicare advantage is in progress but it can be applied only when the advantage plan stops.


  1. Contact the State’s insurance department if under doubt:

If the information that you have received is not enough or is still creating confusion and your doubts are not cleared, you can always turn to the state’s insurance department for any help. If you have a valid concern or any questions related to the working of the Medicare advantageplans and Medicare advantage, it will be solved by this department. The state insurance department is the agency that generally contained within the Attorney General’s office of any particular state. They provide assistance and any information needed in regards to insurance and the laws of insurance to the customers.

In short, if there is a subscription for Medicare plan A and B and Medicare Advantage has not been subscribed you are eligible for Medicare advantageplans.